The Degen Network

Powered by $PUG on ETH and BSC, Puggy.Network is a private comprehensive network of websites, including those established on Google and with social media profiles, and a VIP ROOM for crypto degens. The home of a degen community on the hunt for low cap gems, and made to help them, and help project owners to grow their communities, get good branding, shoutouts, and press releases.

Contract (Ethereum): 0x0099C668B1691FD74E1B3FA2B4F55985265F574B
Telegram Community ($PUG ETH)

Contract (Binance Smart Chain):
Telegram Community ($PUG BSC)

You need 100B $PUG Ethereum tokens or 2000 $PUG BSC Tokens to join the alpha and get access to our crypto blog network!


Happy Degens


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Puggy ($PUG) ERC-20: 0x0099C668B1691FD74E1B3FA2B4F55985265F574B
Puggy ($PUG) BEP-20: 0xe85edbadc1d551219eb10f4e791717d90d15a67e

Grow Your Favorite Projects

Free Press Releases

Degens that have 1% supply of Puggy will get publishing rights to all crypto & news websites in our network, free of charge, just for holding our token. Token owners, project CEOs or whales, can publish on our blogs, as long as the project they share is legit, and secure!

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Cheap Twitter (X) Shoutouts

By holding $PUG tokens, you get access to special discounts of various crypto influencers, that are ready to shoutout your project, presale, or launch, while you pay in #Puggy tokens!

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Connecting The Clouds

Each and every website and blog in our network has been vetted, and they are working on connecting with other Web 2.0 websites in the crypto niche, with one goal, to connect, exchange publishing rights, and grow our network.

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Powered by Puggy ($PUG) and Collabland

Jeet protection is real and secure. Users that got publishing rights in our network are auto-booted out of our Telegram room and their publishing rights instantly removed from the network.

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Need discount? Get involved by burning $PUG!

If you are interested in our utility, but don't want to be involved in the community - is fine; we understand that! You can buy 0.5% of $PUG tokens and send them to the Ethereum dead address, and your access to the VIP ROOM will be locked, as long as we exist (this solely depends on the community).

Burning the tokens makes our supply more scarce, and these can't be sold or taken back, so you are joining us at 50% discount, however, you are missing potential price spikes in the future.

Publishing rights on fair-basis

It's important to know that our network was built with personal funding from the team, community and early holders; New articles that are published by holders, will have to be manually vetted and approved by volunteers, to make sure there are no scams shared. Therefore, there will be publishing limits, with each user being able to submit only one press release per week. You can upgrade a second wallet with 1% supply to be able to blog more.

Current blogs in our network (more coming soon!):

  • https://nft*****
  • https://crypto***
  • https://***cryptobe***.com
  • https://cryptop****.com
  • https://shill******.com

Are you a holder? Start publishing now!

We are working on automating the process so that users can publish press releases through a Telegram Bot that will be on your service 24/7 in our VIP room. Meanwhile, you can still start publishing, as long as you HOLD 1% $PUG tokens, or burned 0.5% supply.

  • Download your login credentials for blogs in our network.

    You can download your login credentials, by simply asking for them once you are inside the VIP ROOM!

  • Verify your token holdings/burns and start publishing

    You will get a link to verify your holdings, and a login link where you use your credentials to get publishing rights and access to all blogs in our network.

  • Auto-Tweets after reviewing your articles

    Using cron jobs and Twitter API on Wordpress, once a press release is approved (not a scam), press releases are auto tweeted on the respective Twitter (X) accounts for these blogs. Get the brand awareness and shoutouts your own or your favorite project deserves!

Our Contracts

We have two contracts, the Ethereum $PUG fully belongs to the community with 1% tax on all transactions going to LP, while the Binance Smart Chain $PUG is taxed 6% on all transactions and these funds are used to support development and BSC Trending Campaigns!